About us

Connect to nature – the TAMBU brand

TAMBU - the first tent brand in Europe to produce its entire collection from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. We are characterized by the vision of enabling sustainable alternatives in the outdoor sector and stand for environmentally conscious camping, for camping with a green heart and for sustainable tents at a fair price-performance ratio. All TAMBU products are developed according to these criteria.
All tent models have a high load capacity and reliable durability. To guarantee this, only high-quality materials are used. Together with a strong partner in Asia, who supports and implements the concept, further ideas and developments as well as innovations and material research, TAMBU is well positioned.

CEO Olaf Schenk, a passionate diver and ocean enthusiast: "Tambu was founded in 2021 because we saw a gap and the opportunity to do certain things differently and more sustainably than the previous tent specialists. There are many outdoor textile brands that are very sustainable, but they don't yet exist in the hardware sector. That's why we see great potential for TAMBU. Some outdoor clothing brands are doing a great job. We want to follow this example with TAMBU and help protect the world's oceans at the same time."

"We are aware that there are almost 10,000 kilometers between our production facilities in Asia and our sales location in Cologne. We are committed to social issues for our local colleagues and it is important to us to improve their living conditions locally. TAMBU and its partner factories are members and signatories of the BSCI initiative for an ethically ambitious supply chain.

Our added value is innovation through recycling - we use 100% recycled polyester from PET bottles (rPET) for tent fabrics, which is equivalent in quality to newly produced polyester but uses 59% fewer resources. This contributes to solving the global plastic problem and protecting the environment.

Our team in Germany


Olaf is our chief and had the idea to found the company together with his Asian business partner. He is very familiar with products and materials. He also has worldwide contacts thanks to his many years of experience in the camping industry and is a real networker. Olaf is a huge Italy fan, wine lover and selfie king.


Gerhard is responsible for our existing products and new developments. He gets to grips with all the details and always has a brilliant idea. That's why he's also our trouble shooter and always comes up with a suitable solution for difficult issues. Gerhard is the sportiest member of our team - with a few exceptions, he comes to the office by bike every day. Regardless of the wind and weather


Laura is the heart and soul of the company, because without her tireless hard work, nothing would run smoothly. When you come into the office in the morning, you are greeted with a beaming smile and her always friendly, open manner makes it impossible not to like her. Laura is an absolute globetrotter and is always finding new travel destinations.


Luc lives near the beautiful city of Ghent and looks after our customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. He is also a great designer and creates all the labels you can find on a TAMBU product. He also accompanies all products from the idea to the final result and always creates the first drawings of a new article after our product meetings so that everyone can visualise it.


Jacky is our all-round talent. He always has an eye on everything: When are which samples ready? How can we develop our tents further? Which materials are the best? Where does a zipper still need to be attached? No matter what questions you have - Jacky can answer them at top speed, which is why everyone else calls him "Superman". In his free time, he looks after his family. His twins like to keep him awake at night. Otherwise you can find him on the basketball court shooting a few baskets.

Mr. Nakhatra

Mr Nakhatra uses his many years of experience to ensure that all social and quality standards are met in the factory. If colleagues have problems, his door is always open. With his calm and pleasant manner, he helps everyone to feel at ease. Mr Nakhatra is interested in European football and loves to follow it. He also spends a lot of time in the garden and looks after his wife and children