Our contribution to sustainability

We firmly believe that sustainable camping starts with the equipment!

We firmly believe that direct experiences in nature awaken the desire to protect and preserve it. Our products are designed for all those who not only want to experience nature, but also preserve it. Our products are designed for all those who not only want to experience nature, but also preserve it. Our approach not only reduces plastic waste, but also avoids further environmental pollution. Instead of burning plastic and polluting the air, we give it a second life - as high-quality camping equipment.

We also avoid the use of questionable materials such as PVC or PFC in all TAMBU products and opt for a more sustainable, better alternative for each of our items:

Recycled polyester

It all started when we made it our mission to manufacture all our products from 100% recycled polyester, which is obtained from old PET bottles. This involves the use of complex technical processing methods.

But why exactly polyester made from PET bottles? This type of polyester is of the same quality as newly produced polyester, but uses 59% less resources during production. By using recycled polyester, TAMBU helps to protect the environment.
For this reason, the use of recycled plastic is not only a very good approach to tackling the global plastic problem, but also to reducing pollution in nature and conserving valuable resources.

PFC-free coating

PFCs (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals) are often used in the outer coating of tents and sleeping bags to make the material water and dirt repellent and thus increase the service life of the product. However, PFCs are very persistent, accumulate in the environment and are difficult to break down. As a result, they enter the food chain and can accumulate in the human body. Some PFCs have even been categorised as potentially harmful to health.

We have looked into the alternatives and will therefore be offering PFC-free products from the 2024 season. The coatings for all new tents are bio-based and still offer the water and dirt-repellent properties that are essential for outdoor activities

VC-free tents

The windows that are installed in tents are normally made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).However, from production to use to disposal, this is a substance that is in great conflict with the environment and therefore also with human health.

Here, too, we have found an alternative in our TAMBU products: all the windows in our tents are made of the much more environmentally friendly TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This material is similar to PVC, but is significantly more abrasion-resistant in the application process and therefore more durable. It is also soft to the touch, although it does not contain any plasticisers that are harmful to the environment or health. No harmful substances are released during degradation.

Durable products & wide range of spare parts

TAMBU focuses on high-quality and durable camping products, with quality and sustainability taking centre stage. Production takes place in an ISO 9001-certified partner factory to ensure consistently high quality. Strict quality controls, including chemical safety tests, are carried out to guarantee reliability.

We believe in the quality of our products and therefore offer a 3-year guarantee on the seams and workmanship.We also support repairs instead of new purchases by offering a comprehensive range of spare parts, which promotes product longevity and contributes to environmental protection.

Globaler Recycling-Standard

GRS certification is an important step in our ongoing mission to make a significant contribution to a greener and more sustainable future. GRS is an internationally recognised standard that certifies the use of recycled materials in products and their production processes.

This ensures that products contain a significant proportion of recycled materials that are processed in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. It also guarantees a transparent and traceable supply chain. This certification helps companies to demonstrate their sustainability efforts and enables consumers to make an informed choice.

What does the certification mean for TAMBU?

Quality and trust: Our products and processes meet the highest standards for recycling and sustainability.

Responsible behaviour: We actively contribute to conserving resources and reducing environmental pollution.

Together for the environment: every purchase of our products supports our mission to make a positive contribution to our planet.