Langlebiges Campingvergnügen mit TAMBU Zelten



We want you to enjoy the product for a long time, so we pay great attention to the materials used and their workmanship. Our partner factory is ISO 9001 certified. This ensures that all processes in production are well coordinated, and in the end each product is always delivered in a very good, consistent quality.

In addition, each tent is assembled before being shipped to Europe, and the workmanship is checked accordingly by quality inspectors. Among other things, the chemical safety is tested. This testing is important to us because it is the only way to ensure that there are no banned or toxic substances in our products. We gladly take on these time-consuming and expensive tests and have them carried out by well-known European test laboratories.


With our 3 years warranty* we give on our products, we stand straight for all production defects, which should have gone through. But if you accidentally cut your TAMBU tent or your TAMBU sleeping bag with a cutter knife while carving wood, we can't be held responsible.

But for such and similar cases we have many spare parts in stock. Please contact us if something is defective. We have the most different spare parts available and will surely find a repair solution. This way we avoid together that the tent has to be disposed and a new one has to be bought. This is also an aspect of how we can be a little more resource-friendly and environmentally friendly with what we have. In this way, we produce less and less waste in the long term and relieve the burden on nature.



The material used in all our tents and sleeping bags is our pride and joy: a 100% recycled polyester made from old PET bottles (rPEt).

Depending on the use, the optimal mix of materials is used for each tent. For example, trekking tents use recycled ripstop polyester with additional, stronger threads sewn in to increase tear strength. For the roof tent, we use a thick and durable ripstop TC, where the polyester part is made from recycled PET bottles, for the longest possible product-life. Our sleeping bags also show that recycled material feels comfortable on the skin.

For the filling of our sleeping bags we have found an animal-friendly alternative to goose and duck down: "Goose-feel-like filling". So you always have it pleasantly cozy, even in humid weather conditions.


Dura-Poles tent poles are 30% stronger than traditional fiberglass, but still flexible. For our tent windows we use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is not only soft and flexible, but also does not yellow and is free of PVC.

Thanks to optimized cut patterns and especially careful stitched double seams, combined with seam tape sealing, rain showers, snow and other water from the outside don't bother our tents, they can easily handle it.

This also applies to the tent carrying bags. Because not only the height of the water column has an influence on how tightly a tent holds in the rain, also the seams contribute a not insignificant part to the fact that everything remains dry. According to the DIN standard, a tent fabric is considered waterproof from a water column of 1,500 mm. Our tents mostly have water column values of 2,000 mm and 3,000 mm.


Last, but not least, we would like to introduce you to our zippers: We use only those from SBS Zipper, a manufacturer who, like us, cares about producing sustainably without skimping on quality. Some background information on how SBS Zipper does this - with water-saving measures, innovative dyeing technology, recycled polyester from old PET bottles and other sustainable measures - can be found in the report of the magazine

Anyone who has ever had to throw away an entire tent because the zipper had quit service and could no longer be closed against wind and rain can probably understand that high-quality zippers are important. To save on it is not really worth it. The zippers from SBS that we sew ensure that you can use our TAMBU tents for a long time and thus do yourself and the environment a favor.

With the zippers it is like with all other factors mentioned here, which are important for the quality of our tents: During the entire production process we make already sure that everything is good. This allows us to give a three-year warranty on all our products. But actually we wish that you find a tent or sleeping bag for life with us.

Solid camping fun wishes you