The Tambu TC family tent SUTI for a maximum of four people is a compact tunnel tent made of a cotton / polyester blended fabric, which provides a comfortable and natural climate. Due to the breathable material, it does not get too warm or stuffy inside the tent. Compared to a normal tent made of polyester, a tent made of the cotton blend fabric is a true oasis of well-being.
Since the SUTI 4 person family tent has a relatively compact size and light weight for a cotton tent, it is especially suitable for campers with high demands who value quick pitching and maximum living comfort.
The SUTI tent has a number of great features. For example, it has practical storage compartments at the front of the sleeping cabin. Here you can store magazines, your toothbrush or your sunglasses. There are also storage compartments in the sleeping cabin itself. In addition, there is a cable grommet sewn into the inner tent.
The tent has a large entrance, which is equipped with an additional door made of a high-quality mesh fabric, which provides perfect protection against mosquitoes. On one side there is also a permanent ventilation, which allows fresh air to flow into the tent. Also at the back of the tent there is a large ventilation opening, which is protected from rain. At the same height in the sleeping cabin is a window with mesh fabric. This way you can ventilate well during a warm night and provide a pleasant breeze.
On the side of the tent there is also a very large window that can be covered, which provides optimal light conditions when staying inside. At the front of the tent there are two corner windows, which can be closed with a curtain from the inside if you want more privacy. All windows are made of TPU material and therefore free of PVC. This material is flexible, does not yellow and feels soft, although it does not contain plasticizers.The tent is connected all around with a solid ground sheet in the form of a tub. This means that the groundsheet is sewn tightly to the outside of the tent under the whole tent surface. This way, no water gets in and your feet, as well as your gear, stay dry. Another advantage of solid groundsheets is that no insects and much less dirt get into the tent.
The stable and solid tent poles made of reinforced fiberglass (Dura-Poles) in combination with the high quality materials provide very good stability. Dura Poles are much more flexible and break-proof than conventional fiberglass poles. If you also use the supplied guy ropes to guy the tent, even a summer thunderstorm won't do you much harm.
The sleeping cabin of the SUTI TC family tent has a size of comfortable 240 x 210 cm. In the middle there is a partition wall, which you can remove - if desired. Due to the dark inner tent, it stays dark in the morning a little longer than with a light inner tent.