The ABAKASA 5 person family tent in tunnel form offers large window areas in the lounge area. In addition, the generous front entrance and the comfortable headroom. Good conditions even for a family of 5 to go on trips longer, and this with the good feeling to have thought of nature. Because this tent is by using 100% recycled polyester, which was made from PET bottles, at least a first step towards sustainability.

The outer tent with distinctive pattern embossing, the inner cabin and the pack sack are made of 100% recycled polyester. The floor is made of polyethylene film and forms a complete unit with the inner tent. In conjunction with the fine mesh fabric is nevertheless optimal ventilation ensured, while protecting against crawling and flying insects. The bottom made of PE film also protects well against moisture.

ABAKASA is the ideal tent if you put a lot of emphasis on a bright ambience and sustainability on camping vacations.