The NIHAITA family tent gets more headroom due to the pre-bent Dura fiberglass poles and is also 30% more resilient compared to conventional fiberglass poles. The sleeping cabin offers space for 5 people. The ventilation slits in the lower area on the sleeping cabins, the mesh doors and the large ventilation in the rear ensure a pleasant climate.

In addition, the NIHAITA has a canopy over the large front entrance. The large darkened TPU windows provide a clear view and protect you from unwanted glances. The tent also has reflective elements and guy ropes, so you can find your way home to the tent safely even in the dark and do not trip over the guy ropes.

The inner tent can be divided by a partition. Due to the low weight of less than 20 kg, the NIHAITA family tent is also still relatively comfortable to carry, if times a slightly longer walk to the installation site is necessary.